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———–Without change no progress————

Heart, Breathing, Balance, wisdom from the innate meridian system for the evolving human.

Specialized in twinflames and soulconnections in order to create balance in all the conditioning, attachments and patterns that are not originally from your authentic self.In one on one sessions I will reset and free you from that what is holding you in a loop.That causes in balance and/or diseases.I will connect you again with your inner child and inner voice.I reconnect and outline all your Aura layers, especially the Etheric smart body.Even beyond the brain and heart, this energy field contains all information that is important for you as an individual.Once the energy fields (aura’s) are cleansed, and all energy points and meridians are in a balanced coherent field around you.You will feel the connection with the true self again.The only thing I want from clients, is the intention to change and to free themselves, and most and foremost to be open-minded.Healing is all about balance and asks now for a holistic approach, in this time of change, growth and evolution.The knowledge I have is just that what is needed for humanity in this time of chaos. 

Hieronder ziet u de verschillende behandelingen, alle behandelingen gaan over balans, in de chakra’s, energetische lagen en meridiaansysteem in het energetisch lichaam. Alle meridianen in het energetisch lichaam worden aangesloten op de 12 hoogmeridianen in het fysieke lichaam, welke de 5 organen en 7 klieren in het fysieke lijf aansturen. Hierdoor ontstaat er meer communicatie en balans in het zelf genezend vermogen: mentaal, emotioneel, fysiek en spiritueel. Alle behandelingen kunnen online plaatsvinden of persoonlijk.



  • You struggle with depression or anxiety.

  • You struggle to release the impact of past experiences.

  • You have undiagnosable medical conditions or symptoms.

  • You want to lose weight but don’t know why.

  • You have intense fear or phobias.

  • You have unreleased or unhealed past trauma.

  • You struggle to attract or create harmonious relationships.

  • You are unhappy with what you are attracting in your life.

  • You have chronic pain.

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  • 10 Inner Child Meditation classes, taught bi-weekly, will initiate and prepare the student in working objectively with a client during the hands-on healing.


  • 1 Theory class on the 12 Chakra system and Meridian points

  • 10 weekly hands-on training sessions working directly on a volunteer client

  • 30 independent case studies with 5 assessments

  • 1 final assessment



  • You want to change but make excuses not to

  • You are unhappy with aspects of yourself

  • You are dissatisfied with what you are attracting in your life

  • You have tried meditation but you need a guide or teacher to help you develop structure and discipline.


The stargate is a doorway to higher consciousness. I’ll guide and connect you to the multi-dimensional field , so guidance and energy transmissions can come through for the individual.

My Essence is one of a balanced masculine/ feminine energy , that I embodied through my alchemical journey to evolve as a soul. Up to such a level , so that being in my radiance an individual will automatically feel the movement. And to do this combined with the stargate consciousness it can simply speed the process up. As well in a more easy way connect you to guides and energies that resonate with the individual.

All is energy and all is consciousness , that when you intent to open yourself , be curious to explore what the transmissions can provide for you.

Your intent and open mind and your yes will make any session one that can be transformational on all levels.

Physical , emotional , mental , spiritual. The energy will never give you more then you can handle. Its up to the individual how the process in awakening will unfold. Meaning : can you allow , that all messages are a gift , so that you can to evolve , and your soul will mature?

What comes through in any session is always different as it’s always a now moment. And when you grow , you simply change …. This is evolution. But all the sessions keep their power , and repetition is needed for our DNA and Cells to adjust to the higher energies that are coming through. Simply our physicality has been dormant for so long. We forgot how to communicate and use our innate self healing , self guidance , imaginary and intuitive faculties . All can be reactivated and re balanced again , into a blue print that’s is more in alignement, when we evolve.

My connection with Higher Self / Gaia and Source is strong and very direct . Therefore it has a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share and can hand you a deeper understanding , of that what came through .

All sessions go well online / remote , personal and groups.

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